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The Social History of BourbonThe Social History of Bourbon

Gerald Carson

Narrated by Mike Bender

Available from Audible

Book published by The University Press of Kentucky

The distinctive beverage of the Western world, bourbon is Kentucky’s illustrious gift to the world of spirits. Although the story of American whiskey is recorded in countless lively pages of our nation’s history, the place of bourbon in the American cultural record has long awaited detailed and objective presentation. Not a recipe book or a barman’s guide, but a fascinating and informative contribution to Americana, The Social History of Bourbon reflects an aspect of our national cultural identity that many have long suppressed or overlooked. Gerald Carson explores the impact of the liquor’s presence during America’s early development, as well as bourbon’s role in some of the more dramatic events in American history, including the Whiskey Rebellion, the scandals of the Whiskey Ring, and the “whiskey forts” of the fur trade. The Social History of Bourbon is a revealing look at the role of this classic beverage in the development of American manners and culture.

Gerald Carson (1899 – 1989) was the author of several books of social history.


“In addition to tracing the origins and trajectory of our native spirit, it’s got moonshine, applejack, Prohibition, and Civil War doctors drinking all the spirits they could seize under the guise of medical need. It goes into the families and personalities of bourbon’s early history and does so with humor at turns both subtle and broad.... I’d say [this book is] a great cause to raise a glass.”

Rowley’s Whiskey Forge

“This crisply written book is more than just a history of distillers, and is, in addition, the story of the saloon and the impetus to close down this uniquely American Institution.”

Tuscan Citizen

“Add The Social History of Bourbon to your library.”

Courier Journal

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