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No Longer NewsworthyNo Longer Newsworthy

How the Mainstream Media Abandoned the Working Class

Christopher R. Martin

Narrated by Frank Gerard

Available from Audible

Book published by Cornell University Press

Until the recent political shift pushed workers back into the media spotlight, the mainstream media had largely ignored this significant part of American society in favor of the moneyed "upscale" consumer for more than four decades. Christopher R. Martin now reveals why and how the media lost sight of the American working class and the effects of it doing so.

The damning indictment of the mainstream media that flows through No Longer Newsworthy is a wakeup call about the critical role of the media in telling news stories about labor unions, workers, and working-class readers. As Martin charts the decline of labor reporting from the late 1960s onwards, he reveals the shift in news coverage as the mainstream media abandoned labor in favor of consumer and business interests. When newspapers, especially, wrote off working-class readers as useless for their business model, the American worker became invisible. In No Longer Newsworthy, Martin covers this shift in focus, the loss of political voice for the working class, and the emergence of a more conservative media in the form of Christian television, talk radio, Fox News, and conservative websites.

Now, with our fractured society and news media, Martin offers the mainstream media recommendations for how to push back against right-wing media and once again embrace the working class as critical to its audience and its democratic function.

Christopher R. Martin is Professor of Digital Journalism and Communication Studies at the University of Northern Iowa. He is the award-winning author of Framed!


“For US workers, journalism is broken. While coverage of working-class issues has become 'misunderstood and mostly invisible' in today's media, working-class anger has been growing, opening up the door for far-right news outlets and a right-wing populist president to pose as workers' only true defenders. No one has better laid out what has gone wrong with American journalistic coverage of the working class and how it helped lead to our current, disastrous political moment than Christopher R. Martin.”

—Micah Uetricht, Jacobin magazine, author of Strike for America

No Longer Newsworthy is an important book on what is arguably the biggest single challenge facing the labor movement and American workers: their near-invisibility in the media and hence in public discussion.”

—Philip Dine, author of State of the Unions

No Longer Newsworthy is a must-read for anyone concerned with the state of America in the age of Trump. Christopher R. Martin brilliantly demonstrates the flawed presentation and analysis of working-class life and concerns in the mainstream media, and the problems this foments in politics. This is a fabulous book, ideal for undergrads and the general public.”

—Robert McChesney, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“I read Christopher R. Martin's No Longer Newsworthy with great pleasure. This book is absolutely fresh and original, and insightful. Martin writes with a mildly smart-ass edge that adds to the attention-grabbing nature of his work.”

—Jack Metzgar, Roosevelt University, Chicago, author of Striking Steel

“Christopher R. Martin has produced an important and powerfully argued intervention into a media conversation that has for too-long ignored the actual existing conditions of working people in the United States.”

—Eric Alterman, Brooklyn College, Nation media columnist, author of What Liberal Media?

“Insightful.... At once an important work of Trump-era criticism and an urgently needed condemnation of a media culture that persistently erases and misrepresents the lives and concerns of America's diverse working-class majority.”


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