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Right to DREAMRight to DREAM

Immigration Reform and America's Future

William A. Schwab and G. David Gearhart

Narrated by Robert J. Eckrich

Available from Audible

Book published by The University of Arkansas Press

The DREAM Act, bipartisan legislation first introduced in Congress in 2001, would provide conditional residency for undocumented youth brought to the United States as children. It recognizes that undocumented youth have done nothing wrong and that they should be allowed to work, to go to school, and to travel. The bill makes college more affordable through in-state tuition and gives the undocumented a path to citizenship if they graduate from college or serve in the military. Congress has failed to pass the DREAM Act, and fourteen states have filled the gap by implementing their own laws and policies that provide educational benefits to undocumented students.

Right to DREAM makes a compelling argument for the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform. William A. Schwab explores the key issues surrounding this legislation: What are the issues that divide? What do the proponents and opponents of the DREAM Act argue? Is there a middle ground? Is compromise possible? Answering these questions, Schwab explains the legal issues surrounding the education of immigrant children, who immigrates and why, how four waves of immigration have shaped the nation, the effects of immigrants on the U.S. economy and culture, and the process of becoming an American. Schwab analyzes the DREAM Act, deferred action, and immigration policy. He weaves personal stories of undocumented youth throughout the book and advocates for the economic, political, and social benefits of the DREAM Act that would bring undocumented youth out of the shadows and into the mainstream of society.

William A. Schwab is university professor of sociology, University of Arkansas.

G. David Gearhart is the chancellor of the University of Arkansas.


“William Schwab presents a compelling and timely argument for the passage of the DREAM Act and pushes us all to consider the very real possibility of winning broader immigration reform. By presenting undeniable evidence of the positive economic contributions undocumented immigrants make to American society, along with compelling stories of the challenges and triumphs of undocumented young people, Schwab successfully debunks common misconceptions promoted by anti-immigrant groups.”

—Paulina Gonzalez, executive director of Strategic Actions for a Just Economy

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